To buy or not to buy

I’ve got this black hoodie. I’ve had it for several years now, and have worn it a lot. But it still looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

Although, on closer inspection…

This sleeve is frayed at the cuff. Not good.

And what’s this? Do I spot a hole? That’s not good at all!

But I challenged myself not to buy any new clothes for a year. That was on February 12, so I’m only four months in yet.

To be honest, I am allowed – by my own rules – to replace any clothes that wear out, but the replacements have to be secondhand. And that’s OK. I have no hangups about buying secondhand clothes.

However, I have to ask myself another question: Do I need to replace it? It isn’t as it it’s really worn out yet. Not completely. Just some fraying and a small hole. It’s just one sleeve, and I only wear this hoodie around the house. It is still completely functional. There’s just this tiny problem with aesthetics.

And yes, I’m a sucker for aesthetics. My daughter is an artist, so it must be a genetic thing.

But I’m an aspiring minimalist. I aim not to want what I do not need. I also want to take good care of our planet. Throwing that hoodie away just doesn’t feel good. Maybe I should take off the cuffs and sew on new ones. And then perhaps I could even just add a little more colour to it as well.


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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