Cinnamon pull-apart bread

What was I thinking when I named my blog “The Greedy Minimalist”? I should have named it “The Greedy Cook” or something like that, because most of my posts seem to be about food and cooking. And the recipes aren’t always minimalist either, because I’m actually very much a maximalist cook.

My kitchen will never be a true minimalist kitchen, because I frequently use utensils and appliances that you won’t find in most kitchens. I guess that’s one of the reasons I refer to myself as a greedy minimalist. Then again, the simple fact that you won’t find a soy milk maker in most kitchens, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have one. I use it frequently. I need it, because I make my own soy milk and other plant milks.

But enough about that. Today I made this delicious cinnamon pull-apart bread.

It was every bit as scrumptious as it looks like in the picture. Or actually even more so. Soft, sweet, sticky… The ultimate comfort food. Not that I needed comfort, but who needs a reason to eat something as delicious as that?

After the laborious work of making the dough, deflating it after its first rise, making the filling, rolling the dough out, covering it with the filling, slicing and stacking it and placing it in the tin had been done, I left it to rise a second time.

Meanwhile, my kitchen looked like a battlefield, so I cleaned up the mess I had managed to create.

And more to clean up…

When my bread was finally done, and time had come to take it out of the oven, it looked like this.

You don’t want to know what my oven looked like, with burnt-in drippings from the bread’s oh-so-sticky filling. Cleaning that oven was no joy, but guess what? I’d do it again in a heartbeat, because it was so worth it.

I used Joy the Baker’s recipe for cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread, but made my own slight adaptation, to make this treat a little less sinful healthier. Instead of 3 cups all purpose flour, I used 2 cups white flour and 1 cup wholemeal flour. Since I refuse to use white sugar, I used demerara sugar. And as I had no vanilla extract or nutmeg, I simply omitted the vanilla extract (though, come to think about it, I should have used some dark rum) and used ginger powder instead of nutmeg.

Every single bite was as delicious as I had hoped for, and I already promised the girls I’d make a pizza pull-apart bread soon.

I wonder how many variations I could come up with.


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