Mead and more

Yesterday, I rode my bike to the market and bought fish and cheese. Today, I got my Spazmobile out and went to the health food shop for the rest of my groceries.

My veggie bag contained some interesting veg again: cutting celery. I’d never seen it or even heard of it before, so I was at a loss as to what to do with it. To be honest, I still am, but I did some research and am confident I will come up with something brilliant. Or maybe even something not quite so brilliant but at least edible, so that’s fine. For now, I chopped up the stalks and dumped them in the freezer. I might use them to make a soup. Or maybe even celery gnocci. Or I could use them up in a stew. See? I’ve got ideas now.

As for the celery leaves, I could make a pesto with those leaves as the main ingredient. Or I could spice up an omelette with them. Or use them in a risotto, or a veggie pie.

Cutting celery. Why not just ordinary spinach?

I’m in such a pickle now!

Some of the other things I bought are flour (no bread without flour), eggs and butter. And the health food shop had this great BOGOF offer: Mead!

I’m not usually one to fall for BOGOF offers unless the item on offer is an item I actually need. Now, of course I don’t need any mead. I could do without it, and have done for a couple of years now, but I do love it, and this BOGOF offer made me decide to indulge. I bought two bottles of mead.

Lovely, heavenly, glorious mead.

I suppose it’ll be another couple of years before I buy me another bottle or two, so I intend to enjoy every single sip I take.

And talking about indulgence… I’m planning on baking us a nice, sweet, spicy, sticky, gooey cinnamon pull-apart bread. There’s a gazillion recipes to be found on the electronic highway. Which one shall I choose?


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