Magnificent meals

According to doctor Robert Lustig, the food on the GRAS (generally recognised as safe) list, is poison. What we’re talking about here, is processed food. And that’s not just the cake you bought at the supermarket or the pizza you had delivered last night. This is also about your microwave dinner, that simple bag of crips (which BTW probably contained more than 25 ingredients), and the biscuits you had with your cup of tea.

Does this mean we’re all doomed?

Of course not. It is possible to avoid eating processed food. Going supermarket free, whilst sticking to a strict budget and choosing to eat organic food only, is one way. Embracing minimalism in the kitchen is another good way to cut down significantly on your consumption of processed food. And it isn’t even all that hard. It just asks for a some planning ahead. And maybe a little more time spent in the kitchen, but simplifying your life frees up time, so if you embrace minimalism, you’ll probably find you’ve got plenty of time to prepare good, wholesome food for your family.

Today was just an ordinary day for me. I did my chores in and around the house, rode my bike to the DIY shop to buy an extension cord for my “new” fridge, took the kitty for a walk, chatted with one of the neighbours, socialised with my friends on facebook, and I still had time to bake this lovely loaf of bread, using just five simple ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, honey and water.

For supper we had pasta, chickpeas with pumpkin and parsnip, pak choy pesto, and a yogurt-garlic dressing. An easy, wholesome homemade meal. And yes, the pasta (I did not make it from scratch but bought dried penne rigate) is technically speaking processed food, but at least it was organic wholemeal pasta, so not all that bad – unless you’re sensitive to gluten.

For the chickpea-pumpkin-and-parsnip dish, I simply stir fried some pumpkin, parsnip, onion, garlic, ginger (chopped very finely) and leftover chickpeas. I added Celtic sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Just before serving, I threw in some basil leaves from my windowsill garden.

Easy, but very tasty.

To make the pesto, I cleaned half a pak choy (just the dark, leafy part of it) and threw it in the kitchen machine with some garlic oil, finely ground cashews and almonds and about a tablespoon grated parmesan. The machine did the rest and hey presto! A lovely pesto.

The hubby made our garlic dressing: equal parts of homemade yogurt and mayonaise, a tablespoon garlic oil, freshly ground black pepper, and dried parsley and chives.

Honestly, who needs processed foods anyway?


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