Shopping the hoard

How do an aspiring minimalist and a border-hoarder live together?

Well, let’s just say that isn’t always easy. Neither for the aspiring minimalist, nor for the border-hoarder. But we manage. A good sense of humour helps. A lot. So does being best mates for life.

And, as an aspiring minimalist, I have to admit: sometimes living with a border-hoarder does have its benefits. Shopping the hoard can – sometimes – be a fun and rewarding experience.

With the loft conversion almost upon us, it becomes ever more important to clear out the hoard. And here I’ve got a confession to make: I attributed to that hoard. Sure, I only added a few things to the hoard, but still. I’m not entirely free of guilt.

About a year ago, I bought DD-19 a small fridge, because she was moving out, and we figured she’d need to have her own fridge. As it turned out, she didn’t need one. So I had this brand new fridge, which I couldn’t return to the shop as it had been too long already. I suppose I could have sold it, but that meant I’d get less for it than I paid for the thing even though it had never been used. So it went to the loft. I was sure DD-19 would need it later.

Later came, and DD-19 still didn’t need the fridge. And I still didn’t want to sell it. So it remained in the loft.

But now the fridge had to go, and I’m still not willing to sell the thing, so there’s only one thing to it: I’m going to use it. With my fridge often being full to overflowing, the extra fridge is actually quite welcome. However, one little problem had to be solved first. Where could we place the fridge?

I decided the pantry was the best place for it, so I had to clear out the pantry, because there was no way I’d get that fridge in there with the pantry stacked full the way it was.

Today seemed like the perfect day to empty out the pantry.

The shelves that I got out, sat in the living room for maybe an hour. I found them a new home in the shed, where they now hold my gardening supplies.

The hubby and I carried the fridge down two flights of stairs and placed it in the pantry. I shopped the hoard and found myself a cupboard that only showed minimal evidence of having been used as sawing table, and which fit nicely on top of the fridge. Perfect for storing our spare light bulbs and batteries, pet’s meds, and some other odds and ends.

I’m rather pleased with my “new” pantry. Shopping the hoard wasn’t such a bad idea at all.


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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