Thirteen weeks

We went supermarket free on March 14. It’s been thirteen weeks, and I’m still supermarket free. Well, apart from the two times I had to send the hubby on an emergency errand on a Sunday, because one of the members of our household was seriously ill and would only eat the one thing we didn’t have right then. The only shops open on Sundays are supermarkets, so we had to make an exception. That’s OK. If we can break all of the commandments given in the Torah to save a life, surely I can break my own rules to save a life. It’s as simple as that.

Thirteen weeks, and I still love being supermarket free. I love going to the market to buy my cheese, and sometimes some fish. I truly enjoy shopping at the health food shop, where there’s peace and quiet instead of the muzak that insulted my ears every time I entered a supermarket. No more of that! Going to the farmer’s shop to buy my potatoes, maybe a piece of raisin bread and some other little things almost feels like a little outing.

I’m happy with the quality of my organic food. Knowing that I feed my family good, wholesome food makes me feel good about myself and the choices I made.

This week was a relatively expensive week. Apart form the usual things, I also bought dried tofu (€5.09), cocoa powder (€3.55) a small bottle of olive oil (€2.99) and a big jar of rice with dried vegetables (€2.99). This means that I’ve just got a little over €5.00 left for my vacation fund this week. However, last week I managed to add a whopping €23.60 to my vacation fund, so I’m not complaining.

One more thing I’m not complaining about is this week’s veggie bag, which contained two white cabbages, two heads of pak choy, a nice orange pumpkin, carrots and leeks. These are all vegetables that we love.

The watermelon that came in the fruit bag has already been eaten, and the pears and kiwis won’t last long either. I’m not overly enthusiastic about the red grapefruit, but I’ll be brave and eat it. Lots of honey will do the trick quite nicely.

So, after thirteen weeks of being supermarket free, do I still want to continue this challenge?

Yes, I do.

I admit, it hasn’t always been easy, and some things are absolutely cheaper when you buy them at the supermarket, but seeing that I spend less on groceries now than I did before, paying more for some products really isn’t a huge problem.

Sure, at times it really sucks that I can’t go to the supermarket just around the corner to quickly buy another bar of chocolate to satisfy the munchies. Shopping for groceries means I have to ride my Spazmobile 40 minutes to the health food shop, buying everything I need (or having to do without!), then ride 40 minutes back home again. That’s cool if the weather is fine, but not so much fun when it’s raining or freezing, or when it’s very hot. But it’s still worth it.

A healthy dose of fresh air. Good food. No muzak assaults. What more could I ask for?


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