Pasta Salad

Leftovers for lunch. That probably doesn’t sound very exciting, but wait till you’ve tried this recipe. It neither looks nor tastes anything like your ordinary leftover lunch.

Admitted, I also used some fresh ingredients and something from the pantry, but I made this salad to use up the leftovers that had been lurking in my fridge for a couple of days already.

In the fridge I found some penne rigate, a jar of cooked kidney beans, and a tiny little bit of lemon juice that needed using up. Oh, and a small jar of chopped onions.

I took from the pantry: my last tin of corn kernels from my supermarket days, and a jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil.

After I’d thrown the penne, half of the kidney beans, half of the corn kernels and a handful of onions together in a glass bowl, I decided this was no good. The penne were too long, so I got them all out and cut them in half. When I tossed them back in, the salad looked much better immediately.

I cut up some of the sun-dried tomatoes and added them to the pasta salad.

Next, I made a dressing from the lemon juice, a few spoonfuls of garlic oil, mint, dill and honey.

No good. My salad was lacking colour. It needed something green, and I had nothing! So, I covered the bowl with a plate and put it in the fridge.

That was yesterday night. This morning I went shopping for groceries, and bought a cucumber.

Just before lunchtime I diced half of the cucumber and mixed the diced cucumber into the salad. The finishing touch was the addition of some basil leaves from my windowsill garden.

It tasted great. Even DD-14 had seconds.


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