Demolishing the table

April 15: Our dormer was placed.

Suddenly there was light and space where there was none before. I loved it! I still do. We all do.

This is where DD-19 will have her brand new artist studio. The plans are already laid out. What’s more, our artist approves of the plans. She would. She helped draw them up.

Now, as you might remember, this was the hubby’s Holy Loft. The Hoarder’s Den.

We worked like crazy, but there was just so much STUFF, so much CHAOS. And no matter how hard we worked and how much STUFF we got rid off, it always felt like it was’t enough.

Just. Not. Enough.

How were we ever going to get through that mess, so we could have those rooms built?

But this weekend we were finally able to demolish the first part of that draconian table that occupied more than half of the floor space in the loft. We thought we’d never see the day.

And yet here is DD-19, having fun playing with her dad’s power tools. That’s my girl!

Hopefully we’ll be able to demolish even more of that table before this week is over.

One thing’s for sure: We’ve got work to do.


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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