Bulgur and dhal oven dish

Today I didn’t feel like cooking, but of course we had to eat, so I did what I usually do when I don’t feel like cooking. I opened the fridge to see what leftovers we had.

Today’s harvest yielded bulgur, dhal, rice and some veggies.

Quite enough to feed the three of us, but how to turn my leftovers into an interesting dish?

I rummaged through my cupboards and got out some nuts, which I chopped up, and some sultanas which I gave a nice soak in some orange blossom water.

I plunked bulgur, rice, veggies, nuts and raisins in a glass oven dish and gave it a stir. To add more colour, I cut some chives and threw them into the mix as well.

Next I stirred enough water into the dhal to give it the consistency of mashed potatoes. This became the top layer of my oven dish.

Or wait!

Why not grate that last little bit of cheese and top my oven dish with that? There, that should do it.

Place dish in preheated oven (200°C/390F) for some twenty minutes.


(Sorry, no picture of the finished dish. We were too hungry, and the food was too yummie. Better luck next time.)


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