Blimey! It’s been over a week! I guess I’d better bring you all up to speed.

As you may know, I wasn’t exactly born organised. I usually know how to keep my house in good shape, but I like the FlyLady, as she’s got some really good ideas when it comes to taking care of your home. So I’ve been FLYing on and off for over a decade by now.

I especially like her idea of breaking up the house in zones and working on one zone a week. Last week’s zone was the bathroom and one extra room. So I attacked the bathroom – which really wasn’t too bad at all…

The bathroom. Not all too bad, is it?

… except for the shower that hadn’t been used or cleaned in – well in a very long time. It showed. But not anymore. A rag, hot water, soft soap and some elbow grease remedied that in less then ten minutes! Except for the shower head that had to be decalcified. An overnight soak in a bowl of vinegar took care of that, and now my shower isn’t only sparkly clean again, but also fully functional.

That’s how bad it was, and how good it became. Mission accomplished.

My shopping trips took me to the health food shop, the farmer’s shop and some other shops. Unfortunatly I didn’t make it to the baker’s and even though I did bake some loaves of bread, we’re very low on bread now. Even worse, I’m out of flour, and all the shops were closed today. DD-14 was not happy about that.

I did get some interesting vegetables in my veggie bag though. Rapini and Jerusalem artichokes, and I had absolutely no idea how to use them. Thankfully, I’m on friendly terms with Mr Google, and he kindly gave me some good advice.

As I spent €87.60 on groceries last week, only €12.40 made it into my vacation fund. Oh well, I still did way better than before I started this whole no supermarkets adventure, so I’m good.

This weekend saw DD-19 and me pulling weeds and pruning climbers in the backyard. As I hadn’t been able to do much work in the backyard for over two years, it was very overgrown indeed, and we didn’t nearly get all the weeds out, but we did make a good start.

Seeing that the weeds were actually trying to find their way through the backdoor into our living room and we had to wade through a sea of weeds to get to the bins, we did a great job. Even though the rest of the backyard is still pretty much covered in weeds.

Our green waste bin was completely empty when we started pulling weeds. We filled it up completely.

There was still more organic waste that we couldn’t fit into the bin, so we had to just put it aside.

Meanwhile, somebody came to pick up the roof tiles that had become redundant when our dormer was placed. We were going to give them away for free, but he insisted on giving us something for it. And so €20.00 were added to our loft conversion fund.

I love it when clutter makes me money!

So that was the good news from last week. The bad news is, I’ve got a severe vitamin D deficiency and actually got a prescription supplement to fix that. Also, I’ve got low levels of creatine kinase, which might be indicative of rheumatoid arthritis. It definitely would explain why I’ve been in so much pain lately. Still, I hope it isn’t RA, but something fixable. My GP wants to see me again in about two months. So, I guess that’s to be continued.


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