Veggie trouble

Since we’re buying organic fruit and veggies only how, I decided to take a subscription to both a veggie bag and a fruit bag at the health food shop. Although this means I don’t get to choose my own fruit and veggies, it’s less expensive, even though most weeks I’ll probably still end up buying some additional vegetables.

This week was our first week of the subscription, and guess what happened? The bags hadn’t been delivered to the shop, so there were none. Now, seeing that I’d already paid for them (you pay in advance), I of course still wanted my produce. And as the shopkeeper really likes his customers to be happy, he got one of the shop assistants to fill us a bag with the fruit and veggies we’d already paid for. Problem solved. Or so we thought.

Back home, I discovered we’d been given next week’s selection of veggies: parsnips, butternut squash, iceberg lettuce and sweet potatoes. Of course there’s nothing inherently wrong with those vegetables, but I’d really been looking forward to this week’s selection of veggies: Chinese cabbage, courgette, white cabbage, string beans and carrots. Also, I really didn’t fancy getting the exact same selection of vegetables twice, especially since I really don’t like lettuce. I’m no bluddy sheep!

So the hubby phoned the shop and explained our problem, which was promptly solved: Next week we get to choose which veggies we’d like to have in our veggie bag. Like I said, the shopkeeper really likes to keep his costumers happy. I think I’ll want next week’s veggie bag filled with Chinese cabbage, courgette, white cabbage, string beans and carrots.

What else did we buy this week?

Potatoes, cheese, eggs, butter, milk, spaghetti, rice, custard powder, biscuits, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, frozen green beans, peanut butter, two discounted chocolate bars, flour, two loaves of bread, a bottle of fruit concentrate, loo paper and some personal care products.

All in all, I spent €82.70 shopping this week, so that’s another €17.30 added to my savings. Go me!


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