Dead cake pudding

Though I hate to admit it, I made a dead mango-coconut cake about a month ago. It tasted well, but was way too moist and as a result basically inedible. However, I don’t like to throw away good food. Not even dead cakes.

Thankfully, I found Jen’s recipe for dead cake pudding only a couple of days before my cake tragedy, and knew immediately what to do. However, I had no custard powder, so that was a bit of a problem, but not to worry. I dunked the cake in the freezer, and that was that.

Today I finally got around to making my own version of dead cake pudding.

First thing this morning, I got one box of dead cake out of the freezer and put it in the windowsill to thaw.

Towards evening, as the potatoes and diced swede were boiling and my vegetarian “mince” collops simmering, I sort of broke the dead cake into small chunks and put them in an oven dish. I found some very dead and stone hard raisins in a cupboard and brought them back to life by drowning them in a little rum. I cut up an apple (no need to peel my organic apples) and sprinkled it with some cardamom (I would have preferred cinnamon, but didn’t have that on hand) and demarara sugar.

I turned on the oven at 150°C, and made the custard. Apples and revived raisins went on top of the cake, before being smothered in custard. Then the whole thing went in the oven. Meanwhile, “mince” collops and clapshot were served. We made sure not to eat too much, so we could enjoy our delicious dead cake pudding after supper.

Leftover custard went in a glass jar. Leftover pudding – yes, we actually had some left over – got dumped in a glass container, and stored in the fridge. And oh! I also made yogurt today.

Looks like I’ll be spoilt for choice at the breakfast table tomorrow.


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