Project 333 – Second season

Most people who are doing The Project 333 have their have started a new season in April. I didn’t. I wasn’t ready for a new season yet, as it was still too cold, and I knew the weather would get warmer in May. No use basing my 33 items for the next three months on those cold April days, when I could simply wait one more month and choose my summer clothing.

So yesterday I emptied the contents of my wardrobe on the bed, got my boxed up clothing and dumped that on the bed too, and set to work.

As this was my second time creating my Project 333 wardrobe, I already knew how to get about the choosing, and things were definitely much easier than the first time. I knew I needed to include some warmer clothes, as even in May we can still have cold days, and summer nights can be rather nippy too and I don’t enjoy being cold. I also knew I would probably regret some of my choices and want to change them for other clothes, so I kept a few clothes in an under-the-bed-box to make the changing out easier, if needed.

I even managed to slip some more colour into my wardrobe, as my summer clothes are a little more colourful than my winter’s clothes.

My choices for the next three months are: 4 pairs of trousers (including 1 pair of Capri trousers, which previously belonged to DD-19), 3 skirts, 2 tunics, 7 blouses, 7 shirts (t-shirts, button-up shirts, etc.), 2 pullovers, 2 jackets, 2 belts, 2 scarves, and 2 pairs of shoes.

And just for this once, I’m granting you a peek into my wardrobe.

Shirts and pullovers go on the shelf.

All the other clothes go on hangers.

Not included in my 33 items of clothing are: Outerwear (but I’ve got just three coats: one for cold winter days, one for not-so-cold winter days, and one for warmer days, one scarf I wear under my coats only, two pairs of gloves and two hats, one for the winter, and one for the summer, so what are we really talking about here?), underwear, sleepwear, lounge wear, and workout clothes. Also not included is my jewelry, which I wear only occasionally anyway. And guess what? I don’t want to be limited in my choice of jewelry on the rare occasion that I choose to wear it.

I didn’t have many clothes to donate this time, as I’d already donated most of the clothes I didn’t wear anymore back in February when I first got started on The Project 333. So this time it was only a small pile.

Today I spent a couple of hours going through DD-14’s wardrobe with her, and boy did she have many clothes! Way too many, and quite a lot of them she’d outgrown. When we were done sorting, her wardrobe looked much better. She’s only got clothes she loves and wears in it now.

And look at all the clothes she’s donating!

I am so proud of her!


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