Out with the clutter

I had other plans last Tuesday, but as I sat down for breakfast I couldn’t help but notice it: The constant “drip, drip, drip” of the tap. It got on my nerves so badly, I went to find the hubby and told him to come and fix the tap already. Actually, I might have used some other words, which I really shouldn’t repeat on the blog.

The hubby came and finally found the culprit – a part called the tap cartridge. At the DIY shop we found out the bluddy things cost €11.00 each, and we needed two new ones. Great! Why couldn’t we have a tap with an ordinary rubber washer?

We looked at the taps, and I saw one that I really liked. One with ordinary rubber washers. It was not even all that expensive and to make things even better, all taps were on a 20% discount that day. After some deliberation we decided it would be more cost-effective in the long run to buy us this new tap now, instead of paying €22.00 on replacement cartridges for our current tap.

Back home the hubby got the old tap out and installed the new one.

Of course, for him to be able to affix the new tap, I’d had to empty out the cupboard under the sink, so I decided this was as good a time as ever to sort through the clutter that had mysteriously accumulated there. When the hubby was done, the only things I put back in the cupboard were a box with the funnel for the dishwasher, some spare sponges and a spare dishwashing brush, a bucket with my cleaning supplies and a tin with soap nuts.

That looked so much better than what we had before!

Then, as I was decluttering in the kitchen anyway, I thought I might as well have a go at my junk drawer under the oven.

A lot of junk got tossed in the bin, and soon I was left with a clean and tidy drawer that makes me smile each time I open it.

My next project was the garden shed, which had become a terrible mess, thanks to my not having been able to do any tidying up in there for two years due to my fat pad atrophy. But now that I can actually walk a little again (thanks to my kyBoot shoes) I was itching to have a go at the chaos in the shed.

Yesterday, however, saw us on a trip to the hospital again with DD-14 for yet another visit to the ENT doctor. That was our morning gone, and as I spent the best part of the afternoon shopping for groceries, I didn’t get around to doing anything about the shed until today.

Finally, this afternoon, DD-19 and I cleared out the shed. We literally got everything out and dumped it in the backyard. We swept the floor and got rid of dust bunnies, spiders, cocoons of unidentified insects, leaves, twigs, straw and hay… We wiped the shelf clean. Put the desk and table back in a slightly different spot. Wiped those clean as well.

We placed the old chest of drawers under the desk and put some gardening supplies in the drawers.

We dumped the contents of two galvanised bins in the garbage container, and put the straw for our little bunny in the bins instead. Unfortunately, we found no suitable container for the hay, so we left that in the plastic bag, which we placed on the floor beside one of the bins.We put the tin with rabbit food on the small table we’re keeping until after the renovation as we may need it in our new TV/Gaming room.

We placed the cat carriers and a spare litter tray under the desk. I stored some gardening supplies on the desk, as well as some cardboard boxes filled with old paper. Those boxes will go as soon as the old paper is collected, but unfortunately I’m sure they will be replaced by new boxes filled with old paper. Oh well.

What else? A bicycle pump on the floor just in front of the chest of drawers, and the hubby’s old rubbish that he can’t part with yet hobby stuff on the shelf.

Our bikes are now in a much more accessible place near the entrance. I’m quite convinced this will encourage us to use our bikes more often, which isn’t only good for us, but also for our bank account (as we’ll be using the car less often), and good for our planet.

The carpets will go next Tuesday when the dustmen come to collect our garbage. I was very much tempted to just leave them in the backyard, but it might rain, and as we have to carry all the garbage through our living room and our hallway to the street… well, I don’t even want to know what my floor would look like if those carpets were dripping wet.

So here’s an overview of our shed now, with my trusty Spazmobile parked closest to the door, ready to take me for a ride.

Doesn’t that look ever so much better?

And just in case you were wondering what else the dustmen will be taking with them on Tuesday, how’s this?

I’ll be so happy to be rid of all that clutter!


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