Our new water bottles

Yesterday they arrived. Finally. My Retap water bottles. And it took them long enough.

Sure enough, the parcel that should have held both the Dopper and the Retap bottles arrived a couple of days after I ordered them, but…

Although the Doppers were in the parcel, and two lids for the Retap bottles I had not only ordered but also paid for, but not the Retap bottles. And what’s the use of a lid without the bottle, eh?

So we phoned the company and asked them to send us the bottles. And we phoned again. And again. But no matter how many times the postman rang our doorbell, he never brought us the bottles.

Until yesterday.

My beautiful Retap bottles. No plastic, but glass. Extra strong, durable glass. Glass so strong that the bottles come with a lifetime warranty. I really like that.

So now we’ve finally got our reusable water bottles. All four of us.

No more need to buy bottled water. We simply fill our bottles at home and take them with us. And when they’re empty, we can just fill them again. Better for our purses and better for the planet.

That makes me happy.


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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