On my way

On my way to the market last week, I took these pictures to show you the beauty I get to enjoy so close to home.

Only five minutes from home, I pass by these fields. This might not seem all that special, except that I live in a metropolitan area, in one of the larger cities of the Netherlands. Being able to enjoy nature so close to home feels like a real privilege to me.

A little further on my way to the market, in a pretty densely populated part of the city, I saw these geese. I was able to come really close with my Spazmobile – they didn’t seem to by afraid of humans at all! – and take some nice pictures.

Ten more minutes and there’s the market where I do most of my shopping.

I return back home with my backpack and two linen tote bags secured to the back of my Spazmonile, a big shopper on the bottom of my vehicle, between my feet, and usually another bag in my basket.

Oh, and by the way, I spent €72.10 on groceries this week, meaning I got to deposit a generous €27.90 into my “England Here We Come!” fund. Yay me, and yay for supermarket free shopping.


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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