Meet my new best friend: Paris.

The hubby picked her up at one of the shops in town recently, and she’s kindly agreed to help me take pictures of my Project 333 outfits. Meaning, she wears my clothes (as she fills them up better than I do) and I take pictures, because she sort of lost her head and can’t remember how to take pictures.

As you see, my basic colour is brown. I’m a brunette. Greying. But despite the silvery streaks in my hair, a warm chocolaty brown still makes me look my best.

Aubergine, cerise and a warm reddish not-really-beige look good on me too.

The outfit with the skirt, cerise t-shirt and brown jacket is one of my favourites. I’m wearing it right now.

I absolutely love the long tunic, because it’s so versatile. Wear it with a different t-shirt, a different belt. Wear it with or without a jacket or cardigan. Wear it with or without scarf. It’s so easy to create several new looks with just this one garment! And not only that, but it’s both feminine and practical to boot.

Jeans. Because every woman needs a pair of jeans.

And more brown. This time with orange. Unfortunately, the skirt is going to have to go. It’s got a stain that proved to be resistant to all my efforts to remove it. I loved that skirt, but since I can’t wear it with that stain in clear view… Oh well. I might still be able to use the fabric for something else.

Lessons I learned from my first three months of the Project 333

  • I could do with some more colour in my wardrobe.
  • Less is more: I discovered new ways to wear my clothes because I had less to chose from.
  • Some of my choices were unpractical. (E.g. I never wore my linen trousers because it was just too cold.)
  • Managing my wardrobe is much easier with fewer clothes.
  • Thirty-three pieces of clothing is more than enough. I could easily have done with less.

Soon I’ll create my wardrobe for the next three months. Will I be able to add more colour to my wardrobe this time? Will I be able to keep my promise not to buy any new clothes?


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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