A good neighbour

Yesterday night, shortly after she got back home from judo training, DD-14 started complaining about an earache. Since it was almost time for her to go to bed, I decided not to do anything yet, but just wait and see how things developed.

When DD-14 woke up this morning, her earache had become worse, so I got out my big book of home remedies, and looked up what could be done about earaches.

One of the things it mentioned, was to apply some drops of garlic oil in the affected ear to ease the pain. Since garlic also has antibiotic properties, I figured that was a good idea. It also suggested drinking a concoction made of honey and lemon in hot water to help dissolve mucus and to boost the immune system. Too bad I had no lemons. But I did have ginger lemon teabags, so I made DD-14 a cup of that. With some honey, of course.

Also, as she’d been having a sore throat, and was now also complaining about a headache, I assumed that her earache stemmed from a cold that now probably blocked her sinuses. So I decided steam inhalation might also help. That’s where my 100-year old chamomile teabags came in handy. I wouldn’t recommend using them for tea anymore, but the scent of chamomile might just have a calming effect on my distressed daughter.

Unfortunately, my efforts didn’t seem to be very effective (yet), and DD-14’s earache got worse. We made an appointment with our GP, who’ll be seeing our daughter tomorrow – much to DD-14 chagrin, who really wanted the doctor to provide her with a miracle cure immediately. Alas!

Over the course of the day we repeated the garlic oil treatment and the chamomile inhalation, but not the tea, since she hadn’t even touched it. The only thing she’d drink was water, so I made sure she had her brand new bottle filled with filtered water within easy reach.

At around half nine, DD-14 was in so much pain, she asked for a painkiller – which we didn’t have. You see, we never use them, and we recently cleaned out the medicine cupboard and taken all expired pills back to the pharmacy. If it had been earlier, we might have gone to the nearest chemist’s to get our girl some paracetamol, but due to the late hour that was out of the question now. What to do?

Thankfully, we have neighbours. Even better, we get on with our neighbours quite well, so the hubby went to ask them for some paracetamol. Within minutes he came back with not only a strip of paracetamol, but also a strip of ibuprofen. DD-14, who really hates taking any kind of conventional meds, was quite happy to have a paracetamol now. And no, it didn’t take away all of the pain, but it did take the edge off. Finally she was relaxed enough that she felt she could go back to bed, where I would not be constantly at her side.

I could now teach her some relaxation techniques, which would help her deal with the remaining pain better. I also taught her how to help her body to release more endorphins, our very own endogenous painkiller. Within minutes, she said the pain was gone. Whether that was the paracetamol or the endorphins, we cannot know for sure yet, but I think she’ll try this method of pain relief again in the future.


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