Six weeks in

Wow! I’m already six weeks into my supermarket free challenge!

Has it always been easy? No. Has it been worth it? So far, yes. For starters, before we went supermarket free, it was the hubby who did most of the shopping. I’d plan meals, write a detailed shopping list and he’d be on his way. Several hours later, he’d be back with most of the items that were on the shopping list, and some that were not. The latter was sometimes a good thing, as he’d thought of buying something I forgot to write on the shopping list. But more often, it were items we didn’t need, but he bought them because they were on offer. And sometimes, the products he bought on offer were still more expensive than the products we usually had, but without the brand name.

These days, I do the shopping. Before I’m off to the market, I have a quick look in the fridge and cupboards, and write a rudimentary shopping list, that looks something like this:

No more menu planning needed. No more detailed shopping lists, because now I am in charge. I can take my time, compare prices and quality, and basically just wing it. We haven’t gone hungry so far, and neither have I overstepped my budget.

So… with the shopping list written, I grab my backpack, two linen tote bags, and a large shopper. Packed and ready to go, I get my Spazmobile out of the shed and off we go to get the shopping done.

This week I again brought home a large booty of bread, cheese, eggs, potatoes, veggies, tea, juice concentrate, milk, fish, dried parsley (because my potted parsley is thinning out a little too much by now), orange blossom water, rose water, hazelnut spread, some other odds and ends, and – indeed! – something nice: Turkish delight.

Of course I also bought some fresh fruit.

A total of €96.20 was spent this week. Ouch!


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