Meet the cats.

Our eight year old male cat, Shimi.

We adopted Shimi and his sister Tika when they were kittens. Unfortunately, Tika died from renal failure at age four. At the same time, Shimi’s kidneys also stopped working properly, but the vets were able to safe his life. He’s been suffering from chronic renal failure ever since, but as long as he gets his meds, he’s doing fine. We hope he will continue to do well for years to come yet.

Luna is also eight years old.

We adopted Luna from friends shortly after Tika’s untimely death. Luna’d been having a hard time as a kitten, and although our friends did what they could to make her feel safe, she wasn’t happy living in the heart of Amsterdam. Luna and Shimi soon took to one another, and slowly but steadily, Luna began to feel safe and loved. She now even comes to sit on our laps occasionally, which is something we didn’t think she’d ever do.

The latest addition to our household is Thalia.

We adopted Thalia as a kitten almost two years ago. He mother is half Maine Coon, and Thalia’s Maine Coon heritage certainly shows. Not in size – she’s a tiny little kitty – but certainly in appearance and behaviour. Her uneven coat is the softest ever, her tail is big and fluffy, she’s mischievous, playful, friendly and very affectionate.

Although Luna was not too pleased with Thalia at first, Thalia continued to try and befriend her, and now it’s not uncommon for the two of them to actually play together.

Oh, and I bought the cats a little present today: new, pre-loved dishes and a water bowl. I’m sure they’ll love them. And they cost me only €2.50. Not apiece, but for the lot of them.

My bank account thanks me for spending so little money, and the environment thanks me for buying secondhand.


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