Minimalist student room

DD-19, who studies Comic Design, recently found herself a new student room.

At about 65 square foot, it’s a tiny little room, but she loves it, as it’s not just any room. It’s the smallest room in the apartment she now shares with two of her friends, who are also Comic Design students.

Living in such a small place isn’t for everyone, but with some creative solutions it is absolutely possible to turn such a small room into a cosy retreat. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle helps. A lot.

A high, narrow bookcase on either side of the desk, and a wall-mounted cabinet provide her with ample storage for her books, paints, pens and papers.

The desk itself is uncluttered with just a lamp and a standing mirror, which she uses when making self portraits. There’s also a glass which holds pens, pencils and small paintbrushes.

The bed has two drawers for storing spare bedding and other things she doesn’t use frequently.

Also, she can pull out the bottom to make it a double bed when she has an overnight guest. Now she only needs a second mattress and a place to store it…

A nook at the foot of the bed was converted into a simple open wardrobe with a few shelves, a clothes bar and a chest of drawers.

Her piano and china cabinet found a new home in the living room, which she shares with her friends.

Isn’t it amazing what a minimalist can do with a small room – and just one corner of the living room?


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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