Cucumbers and cat litter

There’s this thing about teenage daughters: They know what they want, and will try to get away with doing what they want. Even if that means buying a new toothbrush – make that two – at the supermarket and paying for them with your money. I guess I shouldn’t have given her my money to buy herself a new toothbrush. I should have gone and bought it myself, but truth be told, I’d been on my feet all day and simply didn’t want to go anywhere anymore.

That was €2.60 spent at the supermarket this week. And a lesson learnt. I told DD-14 in no uncertain words that next time she goes to spend my money, she will have to abide by my rules. And if she doesn’t like my rules, she can spend her own money.

So… we needed cat litter, and since I can’t possibly take a big 25 liter bag of wood pellets with me on my Spazmobile, the hubby drove us to the pet shop, which happens to be where the market is on Tuesday. After we bought the cat litter, we bought cheese at the market and DD-14 talked me into buying some nice battered fish, which we ate for lunch.

Next, we went to the health food shop, where we bought wholemeal flour, milk, butter, tofu, eggs, mayonnaise, peanut butter, a loaf of bread and coconut oil.

My last stop was at the little Russian deli where I bought a mango.

A total of €43.60 was spent that day.

Today I went to the Wednesday market, where I managed to buy an enormous amount of fruit and veggies. Apples, plums, grapes, bananas, spinach, white cabbage, pak choy, aubergines, beets, chicory, carrots, a swede, tomatoes and… a big bag of cucumbers.

Five large cucumbers weighing at least a pound each. Frankly, that’s more cucumbers than we can eat in a week, but not to worry. I discovered a great recipe for cucumber soup, doctored it to be even greater, and the best part is: The soup freezes well. Problem solved. That was €1 well spent.

I spent the grand sum of €12.85 on fruit and vegetable today. I can hardly believe it!

The spinach has already been blanched, chopped and frozen in three meal-size portions. The white cabbage is in the freezer as well, the aubergines are waiting to be transformed into a nice baba ganoush, and tomorrow is another day to decide what to do with the other veggies.

One thing’s for sure though: My freezer is getting pretty full, so I might not need to buy a lot of veggies next week.

At the bakery I bought four loaves of bread. Did I already mention I really should start baking my own bread again?

My final stop was the Middle Eastern Deli, where I bought white flour, brown rice, tahin, nuts and seeds, bulgur, a semi-soft white cheese, and some sliced chicken for DD-14.

I spent €4.60 at the bakery and €15.85 at the Deli.

That brings this week’s total to €79.50, leaving €20.50 for the piggy bank.


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