No bottled water

Back in February when I picked my challenges to help me live a more simple life, I knew I was not going to take up the challenge of saying “no” to bottled water. I’d been there already and it didn’t work.

Oh, I wanted to take up the challenge, but honestly, what were my chances of succeeding this time? Why would my daughters cooperate now? After all, nothing had changed.

And yet, today I ordered 4 reusable water bottles. One for each of us. DD-19 and I chose the Retap, DD-14 and the hubby chose the Dopper.

Why have I changed my mind? What makes me think we stand any chance of succeeding this time?

First off, money talks. These bottles were not the cheapest ones. That will make me think twice before giving up on using them.

Secondly, and at least as important: Things have changed around here. When I took on the challenge of giving up supermarkets for a year, I never realised for even a moment that this would change my shopping pattern so drastically.

I no longer buy bottled water, because I simply can’t afford to spend money on bottled water anymore. Not if I want to stick to my budget. The bottled water I bought at the supermarket was cheap. The bottled water I might buy at an independent shop costs probably about five times as much.

Oh, and there’s this, too: Bottled water is definitely not the only thing that’s more expensive at independent shops. This is actually a good thing, because it makes me really think about my purchases. Convenience food is a luxury now, and mindless shopping a thing of the past.


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