Clearing the clutter

The road towards minimalism isn’t an easy one. We have to learn to let go of material possessions, and the more you own, the harder it seems to be.

After the first painful steps, DD-19 and I have become pretty good at letting go, but we’re not the only ones in this family. There’s also DD-14, who really finds it a little harder to let go of stuff. And then there’s the DH, who maintains that he’s not a hoarder. He’s a collector.

That’s what he says. And here’s a picture of his Holy Loft. No intruders allowed. Particularly not of the kind that like to tidy up and declutter.

But lately there’s been some change. He’s still not a hoarder, but he has – grudgingly – allowed DD-19 and me to help him get rid of at least some of his clutter. The reason behind his change of heart is our upcoming loft conversion.

Truth be told, at first he really wasn’t very much into our plan to have a loft conversion, but we managed to convince him he’d be better off after the loft conversion. He’d not only have a nice TV/gaming room, but also a smaller room to work on his own projects. He’d be able to proudly showcase his comics collection, his model car collection and he’d be able to enjoy his games and watch TV in nice, peaceful surroundings.

He loves watching TV. He’s a gamer. He loves his comics and his model cars. Soon, he warmed up to the idea, and started looking for a contractor.

With the loft conversion becoming a reality, he understood the need to get rid of the clutter. DD-19 and I started sorting through the mess and getting rid of stuff. DH has been working hard on creating some working space for the builders as well. It’s very hard for him, but he does make progress and I’m very proud of my “collector”.

We made quite a few trips to the second had shop to donate our superfluous items. Old computer parts, unused household items, an AC we never used…

Rugs, a drawing tablet, boxes full of knickknacks… You name it, we probably found it lurking somewhere in that loft.

And then there are the piles of rubbish. Pieces of wood, metal, plastic, broken stuff, incomplete items. Our garbage container keeps filling up so fast, it’s already full to overflowing before the garbage is collected.

We also find ourselves storing the wooden planks and scrap metal in a corner of the backyard, until we’ve got quite a lot of it, so we only have to arrange for it to be picked up once a month or so.

It’s a long way, but we are getting there. The workmen will have room to move when they come to place the dormer.

Thank goodness for FlyLady who taught me how to declutter!


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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3 Responses to Clearing the clutter

  1. jaymalea says:

    Jaci – if I'm correct, you have been a Flybaby for a long time! Were you on the She's In Touch list, that existed pre-Flylady list?


  2. Leah says:

    Thank you for reading and leaving such a nice comment. It's always nice to meet others who can relate.


  3. Just fell in upon your post… your DH could be my DH LOL! (Men and their “Collections…”) I am a fellow Flybaby as well!


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