Bread and cheese

Monday was the last day of Pesach. The last day of eating matzah, matzah, matzah!

On Tuesday morning I was headed for the market earlier than ever, so I could buy us some proper bread again. My first stop, however, was at the pet shop, where I bought some cat grass as one of our kitties was showing just a little too much interest in my stevia plant. I also bought some cat treats, as we were running low on those.

My next stop was at the meze stall, where I bought some mozzarella with dried tomatoes. And on to the bread stall it was. I bought just one loaf of bread there, as I wasn’t sure it would be any good, but DD-14 would probably strangle me if I managed to come back home without any bread.

At the cheese stall I bought us a nice chunk of organic cheese, as usual. My final stop was at the fruit and vegetable stall, where I bought a cucumber, cherry tomatoes and some carrots.

I spent a total of €16.55 on this shopping trip, but… I knew I’d have to do quite a bit more shopping over the next days, as my fridge and cupboards were alarmingly empty.

On Wednesday I went to one of the bigger markets in town. More stalls, more choice.

I bought: beets, turnips, a butternut squash, more cherry tomatoes (the ones I bought on Tuesday were already eaten), red and yellow bell peppers, a swede, grapes, organic apples and pears, oranges, a Galia melon, and some bananas.

Next I went to the bakery, where I bought us three loaves of bread, and to the Middle Eastern Deli, where I bought several flours, yeast and a chicken sausage for DD-14. I’m not entirely happy about the chicken meat, but DD-14 loves it, so I guess she can have it once in a while.

I went home for a bite to eat, but wasn’t done shopping yet.

In the afternoon I went to the health food shop, where I bought milk, eggs, pasta, vegetarian breadspread, whole oats, banana crisps for DD-14 (who asked really nicely) and a bar of chocolate.

At the chemists we bought loo paper, a roll of adhesive plaster tape, and… cat food, which had by now become very high priority as we were definitely running out of cat food.

Not surprisingly, I spent a shocking €55.05 this day.

Finally, on Thursday, the hubby drove me to the Farmers Shop where I bought potatoes, mayonnaise (real, honest mayonnaise, without additives of any sort), a small block of herb cheese, and a piece of raisin bread (which was eaten as soon as we came back home).

At HEMA, which is one of the two shops within walking distance from our home, I bought some baked goodies and two bags of crisps for my girls to enjoy during the weekend. And, to my delight, the bread stall was on the parking lot, meaning I got to buy another loaf of bread and a bag of bake-off buns for our Shabbat brunch. Yay!

Last but not least, I had to buy another roll of adhesive plaster tape.

That brought Thursday’s expenses to a total of €21.95.

All in all, I spent €93.55 on groceries, cat supplies and personal care items this week. That’s €6.45 for the piggy bank. I wonder what next week has in store for us.


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