€ 26.10

I was so sure I wouldn’t spend more than €50.00 on groceries last week, and things were really going well, but then DD-19 came home for the weekend.

She really wanted to have my traditional Matzah Lasagna for supper. So I needed to buy us another two boxes of matzos. And another packet of corn starch. Oh, and I’d also promised to make a Kodofa, which meant I had to buy us some ricotta and cream cheese. And dessicated coconut.

There was nothing to it. I had to go to the health food shop again. And to the only shop in town where they sell KLP matzos. Next up was a visit to the Toko, where I cleverly decided to buy not only the dessicated coconut I needed, but also some rice flour as I used my last rice flour up in my Pesach Apple Crumble. I also bought a block of creamed coconut. And some sesame crackers.

After all the shopping was done, I still had €26.10 left in my purse, which could only mean one thing: I spent €73.90 on groceries this week. That’s not bad.

Not bad at all.

Now what shall I do with the money I save each week? Maybe, at the end of my year without supermarkets we could go on a holiday to good old England? I think we’d all enjoy that.


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Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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