How does your garden grow?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll remember that I planted some seeds about two weeks ago. And those who know me, also know that I’ve got the blackest thumb you can imagine.

Well, I’ve been diligently looking after my seedlings, and am both proud and happy to announce that they are growing and – as far as I can tell – even thriving. I’m thrilled!

That set of three tiny little plants? Those are my home grown herbs: coriander, thyme and basil. The chives I bought at the farmers shop the other day, and the parsley at the market a little over a week ago. I can hardly believe I haven’t killed them yet! Am I really learning?

Please note: This post was written in advance and scheduled to post on March 30. I did not break my promise to myself to have a weekly day of unplugging.


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