A busy day

Today’s been another busy day.

After my breakfast of homemade yogurt, there was no yogurt left in the fridge anymore. This meant of course that I had to get out my yogurt maker, and make a new jar of yogurt.

Now, because I don’t like a lot of fuss, I make yogurt the easy way. I pour room temperature milk in the jar until it’s about half full. I add three spoonfuls of starter culture, screw the lid on and shake. I take the lid off, fill up the jar with more milk, screw the lid back on again, and shake once more. I pour boiling water in my yogurt maker, place the jar inside and put the lid on. From there, all I have to do is wait till my yogurt is ready. This takes about 12 hours.

Once I got my yogurt started, I had to make soy milk. Since I’ve got a soy milk maker, that’s a pretty easy task as well if, and only if, you remember to soak your soy beans overnight. Thankfully, I did, so all I had to do, was rinse the soy beans and place them in the filter. I poured water in the pot, attached the filter to the lid, put the lid on, and started the machine. Fifteen minutes later my soy milk was ready. I cooled it and put it in the fridge. I also put the leftover soy pulp – aka okara – in the fridge for later use in a cake or biscuits.

Mission accomplished.

Next came a trip to the market in one of the neighbouring villages. The hubby and DD-14 went with me this time.

I got the apples, radishes, chicory and (potted) parsley I will need for our Seider, and got us some bananas and a nice big swede as well. I also treated myself to a box of fresh dates.

On our way home, we stopped at a small farmers shop, where I got us 5 kg potatoes and bought DD-14 a small packet of Old Dutch sweets because she asked so nicely (and we really don’t have sweets all that often).

I spent a total of €16.85, which I think is quite acceptable.

Back home we had a cup of tea and a home made chocolate flapjack. The hubby was kind enough to peel, wash and cut the swede, and we had so much I put half of it in a freezer bag and popped it in the freezer.

Now I had to get us some milk, eggs and butter, which I still have to buy at the supermarket as I haven’t found out yet where else to buy organic milk, eggs and butter. I quickly put a load of laundry in the laundry machine and off we went to the supermarket.

After our trip to the supermarket I worked out how much I spent on our groceries this week and had a big shock: €82.60! To be fair, this did include cat food for our three cats, and I had quite some extra expenses because of Pesach (spent a goodly €10.00 on matzos alone!), but still. That’s a lot of money, and even though it’s below our usual budget, I had really hoped to be able to spend even less. Oh well, you can’t have everything, can you? And I did get to freeze quite a lot of veggies that we didn’t use up immediately.

Back home again, and a gazillion things still needed doing. And even now – at close to eight – I’m not done yet. The last three of my kitchen cupboards are still waiting to be cleaned of chametz, the apples I bough last week need to be cooked, so we’ll have apple sauce for a quick and easy charoset on Seider Evening because I’ll probably be too tired to make a proper charoset. That happens every year. And my philosophy lessons are calling out to me as well.

But first, I’ll have another tea. And maybe even another flapjack.


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