I nearly failed

Yesterday afternoon I went into town with the hubby and DD-14. He wanted to buy some comics, she needed toothpaste and wanted to get herself a new scarf. I had to buy matzos.

First we headed for the only shop in town that sells KLP matzos, and I got my overpriced cardboard. Only five boxes this year, as matzah isn’t really all that healthy (zero fibers!), and we’re only required to eat it on Seider Evening anyway.

Next DD-14 and I hit a few clothing shops. She found herself a gorgeous circle scarf at only €5.00, which is a steal.

I also found myself a stunning circle scarf at €5.00 – a knitted terracotta specimen with two small leather buckles. So gorgeous! So warm! And I still vividly remembered nearly having my ears frozen off only one week ago. I wanted that scarf. I needed it.

DD-14 paid for her scarf. Then it was my turn. I was about to hand “my” scarf to the cashier, when I remembered: “No new clothes for a year.” I hesitated. Surely, I could give myself a pass for this scarf? Only this time? After all, I really needed this, didn’t I?

Well, no. I didn’t. I wanted it. Wanted it very, very much. But I did not need it. I could dress for the cold without that scarf. I’d done so less than a week ago, so who was I kidding?

With a pang of regret I handed the scarf to the cashier. “Sorry, I’ve changed my mind.”

The regret lasted only a minute. The victorious feeling – I didn’t give in, after all! – lasted much longer.


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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