Chametz anyone?

With Pesach approaching, I needed to check my kitchen for chametz. Though I’ve definitely done worse than this, I still found quite a bit of them. Probably more than we’ll be able to use up before the holiday starts.

So here’s what I found: flour, semolina, bulgur, millet, pasta, cereal, nutritional yeast, and coffee substitute. In the freezer I found three loaves of bread and some frozen pastry. Now, I’m not worried about the pasta, the bread, the pufff pastry and the flour. We’re easily going to be able to finish that this week. And as I’ve only got a few spoonfulls of nutritional yeast left, that’s not going to be a problem either. But how on earth are we going to be able to eat all that bulgur? Or the cereal, for that matter? And didn’t I promise myself last year never to buy coffee substitute again?

But here’s some good news: I checked and discovered that millet actually isn’t one of the five grains. It’s kitniot, and since we do eat kitniot during Pesach, I at least won’t have to worry about that. I think I’ll use the millet to make us a nice kodofa to enjoy during the Pesach week.

So what’s going to happen to all that flour I’ve got to finish up somehow?

Well, that’s not going to be a problem. I’ll bake cakes (like the banana bread I made the other day) and biscuits, like those incredibly good Idiot Biscuits I found on Becksie’s blog “A year without supermarkets”.

We had these biscuits yesterday, and I’m so going to have to make us some more today. And since I want to use up that coffee substitute, I’ll probably do a batch of coffee flavoured biscuits in addition to the chocolate flavoured ones. And then perhaps a batch of plain idiot biscuits as well. That should get my family of four through the day.


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