Wow! It’s been a while. Meanwhile, lots of things happened – and at the same time not very much happened at all, but the important thing is that I’m back here to report on my progress.

The other day we finally got around to putting the pavement back in and I can now get my Spazmobile out of our garden shed again. I’m so happy! I can go out anytime I like again, and won’t have to depend on the hubby to schlep my arse from A to B.

Now, you might remember I decided I wanted to go supermarketfree for a year or so. I intended to set my rules before I got my Spazmobile out again. I still have to set my rules, and in fact, I’m not supermarketfree yet. But… and here’s the good news: I did make a nice start this week.

On Tuesday I went to the market and bought me some nice veggies, a huge and very sweet mango, a delicious piece of organic cheese and a super tasty chunk of salmon. And guess what? I didn’t even pay €25 for all of that goodness.

Yesterday I decided to take my Spazmobile for another nice ride (can you tell I’m happy to be able to use my special vehicle again?) and went to the market a good 7 km from where we live. A nice long frosty ride, but I was dressed for the cold and looked like a terrorist, which made it all the more fun.

I needed carrots for my soup, and since we were nearly out of fruit, I also bought apples (beautiful organic apples at just €1.25 kg, and some bananas. I also wanted to buy some fresh thyme, but as I was freezing I decided the dried thyme I still had in my kitchen cupboard would do just fine.

On I went to the baker’s and bought three loaves of bread. Nice, fresh, warm bread. I spent less than €10 on this shopping trip. On my way back home, I got colder and colder, but thankfully, when I got back home, the hubby had just brewed a fresh pot of tea.

Then tragedy struck. This morning my bananas – the ones I bought yesterday – had turned black. I felt swindled out of my money. Heaven knows I positively hate overripe bananas. But of course I didn’t want to throw them away. After all I’d not only spent good money on them, but I’d even braved the cold to get those flipping bananas.

I searched the internet for recipes using overripe bananas and sure enough, I found one that looked promising and didn’t list any ingredients that I didn’t have on hand. So I used three bananas to bake a delicious banana bread, and popped the other black buggers in the freezer where they can sit out their punishment until I feel like making smoothies again. Or ice cream.


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