I love a challenge as much as the next person – or maybe even more, so I’ve been looking into challenges I’d like to jump into. I found lots of them, and had a grand time reading blogs about them, but how to choose The Perfect Challenge?

Buy Nothing New for a Year?

That sounds great, except that we’re having a loft conversion in a couple of months, and I know I’ll need to buy new stuff then, so that’s not going to work. Not yet anyway.

Say No To Bottled Water?

But my girls take bottled water to college, to the sports club, to… well, basically anywhere. And I already tried the thing with buying them their own bottles, which didn’t work. They’re picky. (But at least they don’t drink fizzy drinks, energy drinks or any other crap drinks.)

The 100 thing Challenge?

Hmmm, I don’t quite get what exactly I’d be supposed to do. Reduce some stuff (vague), refuse more stuff (again, vague), and rejigger life priorities (very vague indeed). I guess I’m doing that all the time, but the problem with this challenge is that you have no way of measuring how well you are doing. There are no objective, measurable criteria. That’s not my kind of challenge. (Sorry Dave.)

Buy No New Clothes for a Year?

Check. So far it’s been easy. I had way too many clothes anyway.

The Project 333?

Check again, and again, so far it’s been easy. I love to stand in front of my tidy (and rather empty) clothes closet and choosing what I’m going to wear. It’s so easy! With only 3 pairs of trousers and 5 basic t-shirts, it’s easy to pick the basics for my outfit, and then all I have to do is dress it up a little. Am I going to wear a dress with that, a skirt, a tunic, a blouse? A cardigan or a jacket? Which scarf shall I wear today? And the best thing is, almost everything goes with everything.

A year without supermarkets?

That sounds like just the thing for me – except that the hubby usually does the grocery shopping, and he’s not too excited about the whole idea. (And that’s putting it mildly.) However, I am determined. I will go for it, even if it means I will have to do most of the shopping. As soon as I can get my Spazmobile out of our garden shed again (we’ve had to take out the pavement in front of the door and haven’t been able to replace it yet) I will go out and terrorise the market and our local businesses. And that’s when I will start on this challenge.

Although I’m impatient and would love to get started right now, I think it’s really a good thing I can’t jump in right away. Playing the waiting game gives me time to set my rules, my budget and prepare for the challenge. I’ll probably be able to do some of my local shopping by bike, meaning I might want to get myself a pair of rear panniers.


I’ve been doing some more decluttering, and made our local second hand shop very happy with our superfluous but still perfectly good stuff.

I love how much more open space my home has now compared to just a couple of months ago.


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