No new clothes for a year

That’s how it started. I decided to buy no new clothes for a year, but didn’t want to take on that challenge alone, so I decided to blog about it.

But it’s not just about bot buying any new clothes. It goes way beyond that. I’m passionate about so much more.

I’m passionate about

  • simplifying my life
  • eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • taking good care of myself, my family and the environment
  • my home
  • home education
  • reading and writing
  • music (renaissance, baroque, the Viennese school… you get the picture)
  • and much, much more

So I had all these blogs that weren’t being updated anymore, because it were just too many blogs, and often the things I wanted to write about still didn’t fit into any of these blogs. What’s one to do, eh? This is what I did: I decided to officially discontinue all my old blogs and start this one.

One blog, many topics, but all of them fitting into my wannabe minimalist lifestyle. This is the first step to decluttering my online life. See? That’s minimalism.

And the not buying any new clothes for a year? I’ll get to that in a new post. The No New Clothes Challenge.

See you soon!


About Liam

Poet, writer, aspiring minimalist
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